This is the tale of Ishbore Satie
A boy quite dim and somewhat fatty
He lived in maharajah's palace
Was cared for by his nanny Alice

Ishbore loved to see the circus
Alice took him in her burkas
The puppetmaster had a bear
That danced and jumped up through the air

The Bollywood Ballet he jived
It seemed as though he was alive
He did his famous paws de deux
And then he'd bow both straight and true

So Ishbore then became a bother
"Buy the dancing bear please father"
The maharajah was quite wealthy
A pet for Ishbore might be healthy

But Ishbore tangled up the string
The bear would not do anything
Ishbore then got sick and tired
And threw the bear into the fire

Ishbore then the fire stoked
The bear burned slowly made of oak
Finally shouted the bear
I'll dance for you, get me outta here

The bear then dance upon his head
Until the boy he went to bed
The bear grew tired so he crept
Into the bed where Ishbore slept

The bear still smoking slept unfazed
But soon the bed was set ablaze
The news came with investigation
The bear caused this conflaguration

The next morning I remember
The palace was all ash and ember
So ends up our tale of Ishbore
Just be careful what you wish for