No sorrow I offer, no forgiveness is sought
No feelings of guilt ever enter my thoughts
My passion for living off life I withdrew
The truth of my nature revealed

I bear no heart ache for those I controlled
The road I have taken or innocence stole
With no regrets for my sins I confess
Have gotten the better of me

None of the prayers or the amulet shields
None of the rituals performed in the fields
No signs of the priest begging curses released
Will comfort the souls of the dead

Recoil at the thought of the look of my face
No longer reflect on my life in this place
Pass Charonís obol to sail river Styx
A last act at my own expense

A simple belief in the words that they spoke
Terrified children and most common folk
No image revealed as all hope was repealed
And I gave them death and decay

Here at the end of my path I embrace
Distain and distaste for the whole human race
As Chupacabra is how Iíve been judged
I reckon thatís my epitaph